What Should You Look For In A Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

If your current bed is not comfortable and causes you to wake up with back pain and arms that are asleep, now is the time to try a memory foam mattress topper.

When looking to buy a mattress topper, there are some things you will need to keep in mind. Memory foam products are somewhat expensive, so you will want to make sure that you are getting the best for the money spent

Since memory can be compressed, most products arrive in the compressed state. This makes carrying the product much easier than carrying a normal sized mattress. Before purchase of any memory foam product that is compressed, be sure that you find out what type of compression method was used. This is normally printed on the box. Compression by vacuum should be avoided as this causes the cells of the memory foam to break. The broken cells cause the product to be uncomfortable and will lead to a quicker breakdown of the product. Memory foam products that have been mechanically compressed before packaging will not show this type of damage. They will spring back to their original size and shape without the damage of vacuum packaging.

The density of the memory foam product is also very important. Higher density products may be more expensive, but they are of a higher quality and will give the best results. You will want a product with a minimum density of more than four pounds. This will result in the best support.

When you bring you mattress topper home, here is how to install it. First remove all sheets from your bed. Then take the topper out of its box. It may be wrapped in heavy plastic to keep it compressed. Remove this plastic by tearing it away using your hands. Avoid using a knife or scissors as you could end up cutting or tearing the memory foam.

Once the mattress topper is out of its package, begin unrolling it on your bed. This task may be easier if the topper has been allowed to sit in a warm car for a couple of hours just prior to installation. Even then, the topper may still be somewhat stiff. Unroll and unfold the topper onto your bed. At this point you will need to leave the memory foam alone and let it come back into shape. This could take anywhere from twenty-five minutes to one hour. You will see the memory foam slowly expanding until it comes back into shape.

Once the memory foam mattress topper has returned to its full shape, make your bed as normal. It may be helpful to have some deep pocket fitted sheets, in order to cover the mattress topper and the mattress sides. Remember that the topper will cause your bed to be slightly higher than it was before.

Now comes the best part. Enjoy the best night's sleep you have had in months. The memory foam mattress topper will help to ease those morning backaches, as it adjusts to support your body. You will no longer have pressure spots from sleeping in the same position over a number of hours. Memory foam will support your entire body, with your weight evenly distributed on the mattress.


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